IMAGO Business Solutions

Transform your business performance with a clear strategy and goals that motivate and empower your employees.

For an organisation to achieve its best results requires a clear strategy and a motivated and empowered workforce.

People are more motivated when they work towards goals, which provide them with a sense of achievement and they can see their contribution to the organisation.

"Man is a goal seeking animal, his life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for goals." Aristotle

For this to happen the vision and strategy of your organisation needs to be translated into tangible goals and when team and individual performance is aligned to organisational objectives, strategy can be successfully executed.

IMAGO’s business solutions are based on practical experience in the business world and research of latest best practices.

  • 5 Point Strategic Plan which identifies the key drivers of future business success >>> Read more
  • Manage your business with a Balanced Scorecard, the true management agenda for the new economy >>> Read more
  • Job Profiles that clearly define the expected outputs of employees or Key Performance Areas; together with indicators, Key Performance Indicators that form the basis of performance targets >>> Read more
  • Performance Management Training that provides a simple step-by-step guide to learning and applying the principles of Performance Management >>> Read more
  • Group facilitation of workshops using the Participlan Visual Mapping System, which combines the unique knowledge and skills within your organisation, with our best practices and frameworks for optimum solutions >>> Read more

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