IMAGO Business Solutions was founded in 2000 by Rowan Dent (CASA), who honed his skills as Marketing Director of one of South Africa's largest multinationals.

Through his own use of the principles of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, he has won an international Marketing Award and was nominated for the prestigious Marketing Man of the Year Award in South Africa. This recognition of the principles of strategic planning and performance management form the basis of IMAGO's value proposition.

IMAGO is a value for money company that offers quality business solutions with a high degree of personal service.

Our Mission

Our purpose defines our mission.
To assist organisations to optimise their performance, by the effective use of their most valuable resource; their human energy.

Our Vision

We aim –
To be as good as the best, in our specialised fields of expertise, or even better.

Our Values

Whenever we commit to a project, our guiding principles determine our actions.

Our effectiveness depends on the creative solutions we offer our clients.
We encourage our clients to challenge the status quo and find advantage in the new.

We believe there are simple solutions to complex business problems.

We are passionate about our work and the people we work with.
Our goal is to turn relationships into strategic partnerships.


performance-management-butterflyImago, i-ma(y)-go, is the final stage of development of an insect. It is the result of transformation, brought about through metamorphosis, allowing for the emergence from embryonic form to final, perfect insect.

The metaphor by which IMAGO works is transformation. For it is only through the channelling of human energy towards goals, that business and human potential come together for perfect performance.

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