Performance Management

You can manage your entire organisation with a simple Scorecard that tracks key performance indicators across your Value Chain.


                                                                           "If you measure it, you can manage it."  "You get what you measure."

People are most motivated when they work towards goals as it encourages the concept of self-management.

                  "The employee should be controlled by the objectives of performance, rather than from 
                    above.  Self-control means greater motivation".  
                                                                                                                                       Peter Drucker

When goals are achieved it increases motivation further. In a study for Harvard Business School, Frederick Herzberg wrote a defining article based on extensive research.


His findings were that Achievement followed by Recognition, were the highest motivators of human endeavour. Measurable goals provide the basis of all achievement and recognition.

IMAGO's Performance Management System offers an integrated approach using the Balanced Scorecard as the lynch pin, which measures the execution of strategy and key processes across four perspectives - Finance, Customers, Internal Processes and the Learning and Growth of Employees.

This provides a balanced view of the business instead of relying primarily on financial indicators, which are the outcomes of business activities and not the performance drivers. By measuring outcomes and performance drivers, changes can be made that influence future outcomes.


At the individual level Job Profiles are created that define individual outputs or Key Performance Areas; and measure the success of those outputs with Key Performance Indicators.

Monitoring performance is done through regular Review Meetings of Scorecard results, which mean real time indicators can be acted on recognition and given timeously.


Where goals aren't achieved the accountable employee develops appropriate Action Plans. This empowers the workforce to take action instead of centralising management power at the top of the organisation.

This makes Performance Management the dynamic management tool that it should be, that improves business performance by motivating and empowering your people.

"You have turned Performance Management on its head"

  Learner - Knowledge Resources

Individual Performance Reviews done in arrear are rather used as Personal Development Plans but on their own, cannot provide a tool for breakthrough business performance.



                        =    ACHIEVEMENT + RECOGNITION

                               =    MOTIVATION²

                                      =    IMPROVED RESULTS

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