Performance Management Training

Performance Management Training Programme

Course outline

This 1, 5 day training program provides participants with the fundamentals of Performance Management in a simplified step-by-step format and uses a hands-on approach in working with various tools, so that participants have a thorough understanding of how to design and implement a system.

Participants will learn

  • The theory of Performance Management, how and why it works from practical experience and proven research
  • How to design Key Performance Areas and identify the right Key Performance Indicators
  • Build a Balanced Scorecard and how to cascade it down throughout the organisation
  • Develop behavioural competencies
  • How to monitor performance through Team Review Meetings and individual Performance Reviews, including 360° Feedback
  • How to use a Rating Scale and to link performance with Performance Incentive Schemes
  • Critical Success Factors of a successful system and how to trouble shoot a dysfunctional one
  • Why Change Management is necessary

Participants will receive

  • A Training Manual which is the complete guide to Performance Management
  • Templates for
    • Job Profiles
    • The Balanced Scorecard
    • Performance Reviews
    • Performance based Incentive Schemes

On completion of the program participants will be able to

  • Advise their organisation on best practices in Performance Management
  • Design their own Performance Management System
  • Trouble shoot an existing system





What is Performance Management

  • History from Peter Drucker to Norton & Kaplan
  • The concept of self-management and how it improves motivation
  • Build motivation through achievement
  • Definitions

Designing a Performance Management System

Individual Performance

  • Design Key Performance Areas (KPAs) from individual and process outputs
  • Create role clarity and accountability
  • Develop the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Learn how to set targets
  • Define competencies for knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Compile the Job Profile

Organisational Performance

  • Build a Balanced Scorecard
  • Cascade the Scorecard to teams and departments
  • Align Individual performance with organisational goals


Monitoring Performance

Organisational and Team Performance

  • Improve performance with Plan-Do-Review Meetings
  • Trigger action to achieve goals
  • Recognise good performance

Individual Performance Review

  • Weight and score KPAs using a Rating Scale
  • Conduct the Performance Review Meeting
  • Identify development areas for Personal Development Plans

Incentive Schemes

  • Link Incentive Schemes to individual, team and organisation scores

Critical Success Factors

  • Identify CSFs and avoid common pitfalls

Managing change


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